Monique & Krzysztof

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Our love story

Monique and Krzysztof are like a cosmic comedy, a blend of opposites, like salsa and maple syrup, or lightning and marshmallows. It's probably their unique origins, with Mon hailing from South Africa and Kris from Poland, that makes their story so delightfully quirky. Despite their differences, they balance each other out!

We’ll skip the “how they met” and go to their first date. November 2021. Mon’s initial thought about Kris was “he’s cute but vanilla”. Kris’ initial thought about Mon was “she’s small and elegant.”.

Despite Mon’s first impression of Kris, she found him intriguing, so much so that Mon didn’t want their date to end. She suggested that they go to a cool Italian place for supper. However once there, she was so excited and nervous that she couldn’t eat, much to the amusement of Kris.

The plot thickened quickly, and their relationship transformed into a captivating rom-com. The real revelation came when Kris jetted off to Poland for Christmas and Monique headed back to South Africa. Even across continents, they managed to talk every day.

Fast-forward to early 2022 when Mon's parents visited Sydney, and Kris was introduced to them. It was a hit, with Mon's parents clearly seeing Kris as decent and well-mannered (is this another way of saying vanilla?)

A few months later, Kris took Mon to Poland to meet his parents. Despite language barriers (they communicated using a translator app), Mon and Kris’ parents connected as if they knew each other for years.

When asked what Mon loves and admires about Kris, she describes him as being kind, gracious, easy going and intelligent. He ticked all of her boxes. The fact that he is funny and good looking is a bonus.

For Kris, he fell for her lovely smile and loved that she was a good person. He fell for her beauty and was drawn to her engaging personality. He loves how she is super funny and always trying to make jokes.

About their engagement… in February, 2023 Kris suggested that they go look for engagement rings. “Yassssss!!!!”, she thought, though she answered in a more calm and collected manner. After several requests from Mon for Kris to advise her when he planned to propose (she needed to look good and have her nails done) Kris wasn’t going to be party to her requests and wanted to surprise her.

The perfect opportunity presented itself when Mon told Kris that she would be taking him to Tasmania for his birthday. Kris, knew her nails would be done for this occasion! Ever the romantic, Kris contacted the Hobart Royal Botanical Gardens and had organised to have the gazebo decorated for the proposal. Once there, Kris suggested a walk to the gazebo and to have a look at it for wedding inspiration. Mon, was clearly horrified as it was set up for a private function and was reluctant to enter. On Kris’ insistence, they went in where Kris got down on one knee, proposed… and now they are married.

Even chalk and cheese can write their own love-story…

I-do Crew


Best Man

Long story short, Greg stalked Kris, and Kris being a nice guy decided that they can be climbing buddies. Good choice on Kris’ part as Greg played a pivotal role at the wedding. Not only was he the best man, but Greg also baked the cake and prepared most of the meals for the wedding weekend and he contributed 2 kids to the wedding (more on that later). Greg’s an hilarious guy to have around a campfire, trust us!


Maid of Honour

Monique and Lily clicked when Monique saved Lily and her husband from a cringey social situation. Dinner that evening sealed their friendship! It was a natural choice to have Lily as the M.o.H as Lily is a project manager, she does everything with perfection. As a friend she does everything with love. Lily displayed her next-level M.o.H skills, pulling off what the bride describes as a dream bridal shower - Lily aced the decor, stationary, games and gifts for the guests. She was the support that the bride needed when nerves kicked in. A “bring the tissues” moment was Lily surprising the bridal couple with framed ‘welcome to the family’ letters from each of their parents who couldn’t be in attendance, seeing their best wishes displayed as the couples said their “I-do’s” was a beautiful consolation for them.


Flower Girl

She nominated herself to be flower girl as this was her first time at a wedding. Monique, being telepathic, texted Greg and Marysia asking whether Kalinka would like to be a flower girl. So the stars aligned for our little Polish princess and it was her moment to shine. She had packed for the wedding weekend 2 days before everyone else, making sure they know that she needs to be prepared! She tossed the rose petals with grace and elegance! She also made sure that we had flowers on the table at breakfast the next day, which shows how seriously she took the role of flower girl.


Flower Boy

This little munchkin followed his big sister’s lead when tossing the petals. He also didn’t waste time to charm the ladies. At one point, he dumped his mom, then his new girlfriend to be with the bride who had been married for less than two hours. He said that he was going to tell the groom but backed out when he saw the groom (he probably didn’t want to do that to Kris on such an important day) and decided to watch cartoons instead. Well played, little guy!



In another lifetime, the bride and Marcelo would definitely have been siblings. With their identical taste for the finer things that life has to offer, they might even have been twins! You’re in the hands of a seasoned pro with Marcelo as your photographer and he brings a chilled vibe to any photography session with the help of Aussie band, Winston Surfshirt playing in the background - perfect to calm down a nervous bride. When Marcelo isn’t working his photography magic, he is a sims racer. He and his team won the 24 Hours of Le Mans race this year. Need for speed much?



Priscila is affectionately nicknamed “Pri-Silly” by the bride. Having navigated the ups and downs of life together over the years, the bride and Pri-Silly have forged a friendship for the ages. Their best memories and biggest arguments are built around playing Monopoly and Sequence. The bridal couple are so grateful for how helpful Priscila was over the wedding weekend. Also, she slayed in that green dress!



Married to Greg and mamma to Kalinka and Janek is Marysia, the family matriarch. Looking amazing as always, she was tasked with being the dj at the last-minute, providing music for the bride’s entrance. Feel free to contact her for music and audio services, the bride gives her a 5 star rating!

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